Big Waves Swell Support For 17th Annual Surf For A Cause

A large swell of waves and support made the 17th annual Surf For A Cause a success for the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.

Nearly 100 surfers and twice as many spectators and supporters helped Surf It Forward and raise money for people with cancer. As funds are being tallied, more than $20,000 was generated from the event. Waves as tall as five feet stretched overhead of the youngest competitors that paddled out.

In the Surf It Forward fundraising campaign, foundation Trustee Michelle Barbera raised the most, $1,800, to win a custom-shaped surfboard by Brian Wynn. Angelina Pustizzi of Marmora, who surfed in the gromettes category, was the top fundraiser for children and will win the same for fundraising $280.

Bradford Tucker of Ocean City was the second place fundraiser and won an electric skateboard donated by Harbor Outfitters for raising $1,065 and Thomas Horne of Yardville won a signed surfboard donated from Dean Randazzo’s personal collection for fundraising $225. A surfing trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica provided by the Cape May Surf Club was won by Vincent Giunta of Somers Point.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out here. This wouldn’t be happening without your support. All the board members do so much work behind the scenes so I want to thank all them,” Dean Randazzo told the crowd on the beach. “We had great waves today, you guys were shredding out there. Thanks for all the support for the foundation – it’s helping a lot of in need and it’s just a great cause that you are a part of.”

“It was a fantastic day with great waves, awesome surfers, sunshine and surf dogs, as well as honoring the very deserving Jon Baker for all his years of outstanding contribution to the DRCF,” said foundation President Mark Zappone. “Big thanks to all who partook in the event.”

Red’s Jersey Mex sold burritos on the beach with the proceeds benefiting the foundation. In addition, the Heart of Surfing teamed up with Booker D. Surfdog and Onyx Shorepound Surfdog for a surfing dog demonstration.

The foundation honored Jon Baker of Egg Harbor Township, an ambassador for the board and a former trustee that has donated artwork, including Christmas ornaments and the proceeds from the Art For A Cause, back to the foundation. The after party was held at Ventura’s Greenhouse with music provided by The SSP’s.

The next event to support the foundation is the Bocca Bike Crawl Saturday, Sept. 30 beginning at Bocca Coal Fired Bistro in Margate.

See Facebook for photos.

17th annual Surf For A Cause Results

Groms – boys 11 years and younger

  1. Ethan Dunn
  2. Charlie LaBarre
  3. Andrew Gillman
  4. Cody Schweim
  5. Owen Dunn
  6. Cruz DiNofa

Gromettes – girls 12 years and younger

  1. Sienna McDermott
  2. Sophie Whelan
  3. Lauren Tate
  4. Mia Gallagher
  5. Lindsey Tate
  6. Zoe Berman

Boys 12-14 years old

  1. Korey Renart
  2. Jeremy Nordberg
  3. Steve Gooden
  4. Jack Downing
  5. William Bumpernick
  6. Nick Sardy

Girls 13-15 years old

  1. Sophie Whelan
  2. Lauren Tate
  3. Sienna McDermott
  4. Vanesa Morrison
  5. Zoe Bourgeois
  6. Lindsay Tate

Grandmasters 35-44 years old

  1. Sean Duffy
  2. Richard Nugent
  3. Mike Manna
  4. Chris Keiluhn

Junior Men 15-17 years old

  1. Pat Taylor
  2. Bobby Beckett
  3. Sephen Zakroff
  4. Vincent Giunta
  5. Evan Couval
  6. Andrew Middlesworth

Legends 45 years and older

  1. Adam Walcoff
  2. Frank Levin
  3. Bob Matthews
  4. Carter Hanin
  5. Dan Cellucci
  6. Bill Bowman

Men 18-24 years old

  1. Stephan Zakroff
  2. Sean Bowman
  3. Vasili Galanos
  4. Chris Baylinson
  5. Nick Giunta

Open longboard

  1. Vincent Giunta
  2. Paul Aspenberg
  3. Sean Duffey
  4. Chris Lisi
  5. Carter Hanin
  6. Chris Baylinson

Open stand-up paddle

  1. Mark Neustadter
  2. Jon Greenberg
  3. Paul Giunta
  4. Sean Geary
  5. Dan Gotlieb
  6. Brady Middlesworth
  7. Andy Magner
  8. Lindsay Tate

Women 16 years and older

  1. Aspen Lawler
  2. Vanessa Morrison
  3. Samantha Stadler
  4. Tatianna Velicer
  5. Brynn Bowman

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