The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Paddle For A Cause

Dear Paddlers,

On Behalf of Dean and the entire Board of Trustees of the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation, We would like to thank you for your participation in this world class event!

Without the support of generous donors like yourself we could not do what we do here at DRCF!

There are many points we must inform you of before the day of the event. Please review this FAQ in its entirety and contact us with any questions you have. Our Race Directors are Chuck Piola and Sean Duffey.

We hope you have a great day on the water. Thank you for your continued support! Remember to assist any paddler in distress, while this is race the sport of paddle boarding is all about the community first, race second! Stay safe, stay stoked and paddle hard!

You are about to embark on a challenge like no other in your support of the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.  This is not a 5k race or even a marathon.  This is a 22.5-mile grueling ocean and bay challenge. Or, a still challenging 4-mile or 8-mile paddle.

You should be proud of your achievements to date – the countless hours spent training, the sacrifices and most importantly the raising much needed funds to assist individuals battling cancer. All of these achievements will pale in comparison to the pride you will feel when you cross the finish line.

I have personally paddled around the island six times. Every year was a completely different paddle.

I am just as stoked today for the Paddle For A Cause as I was the first time I paddled around the island on a team.

See you on the water,

Paul Giunta II

DRCF Past President


What do you need to bring?

  1. Your paddleboard and paddle (duh). But board rentals are available. Contact Chuck at Harbor Outfitters.
  2. Personal Flotation Device (a life jacket, belt-style, something USCG approved) You are not required to wear the PFD, you must have one on your board. Many paddlers will attach it to the front of their board with duct tape, so you may want to bring a roll!
  3. Sunscreen  enough said…
  4. Hydration on board…Camelbaks, a water bottle duct taped to your board or a deck buddy cup holder all work great!
  5. Some money for the Wonder Bar if you’re doing the 4 or 8 miler. Drinks and food cost dough, yo!
  6. Sunglasses or a hat (Don’t wear your Chanel sunglasses in case you fall in and can’t recover them…just sayin’! Put some croakies on your glasses if you have them).
  7. A shirt. No shirt, no shoes, no shorts…no access to the Wonder Bar! Pack a “dry bag” or seal items up in a Ziplock bag and duct tape your gear to your board!
  8. Change of clothes, toiletries, towel for after the paddle so you can clean up for the After Party! We have access for all paddlers to use the shower facilities at the Golden Nugget Marina.
  9. And do not forget the most import thing to bring, the stoke. Please bring plenty, it is going to be a great day on the water!

Safety Notice

All Stand-up Paddleboards must have a personal flotation device attached. This is a federal law and no one will be permitted to paddle without a PFD, required under the personal flotation device law 175.15:

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has officially classified stand up paddleboards (SUP) as a vessel. With the rapid growth of SUP in recent years on the West and East coast of the United States, the Coast Guard recently classified “paddleboards”, meaning SUP’s as “vessels.” SUP, the newly classified vessels must comply with federal Navigation Rules and “carriage” requirements when operated beyond the limits of a swimming, surfing or bathing area. Adult stand-up paddlers are required to have a USCG-approved life jacket also known as Personal Floatation Device (PFD, Type III) for each person.

Leash Law in full effect for the 2019 Paddle for a Cause

All paddlers must wear a leash.  We recommend you use a SUP racing leash and not a standard surfing leash, it provides less drag and reduces the risk of entanglement with objects in the water.

There will be no exceptions to this rule.  If you choose to not wear a leash or remove your leash during the race you will be disqualified and will be immediately removed from the course by our safety personnel. All support boats and waverunner operators are aware of this rule and have the full authority to enforce it.

Safety Alerts

There are three very tough areas we would like to advise newcomers to be on alert for.

  1. The Atlantic City Inlet leading into the Atlantic Ocean, strong currents and marine traffic, large swell.
  2. The Great Egg Harbor Inlet (Longport) strong currents, waves, rip and rock piles. There is a support boat stationed here!
  3. Brigantine Bridge / Harris Casino area – extremely strong currents depending on the tide.

Please proceed with caution through these areas and when in doubt hop on a boat (non racers). It is not imperative that you paddle all 22.5 or 8 miles but it is imperative that you attend the after party.

Use your head. Safety first!

The US Coast Guard has put a 6.5 hour time cap on the event.

Any paddler still on the water at 2:30 p.m. must get in a support boat and return to the marina.

NO SHAME IN THE GAME!  If you can not finish… Read below! 

We highly recommend that you have someone on land to notify if you must call it quits. If you are on the ocean, paddle to shore and ask a lifeguard for assistance and to borrow their cell phone, call your land support to pick you up. If you are on the bay you can stop at Lamberti’s in Margate or the Wonder Bar in Atlantic City. Please give this number to your land support to call and report that you are out of the paddle: Dan Cellucci, 609-226-2982.

This is for safety reasons! We need to do a headcount at the finish line!!

Shower Facilities

After the Paddle!  The Golden Nugget has graciously donated the Marina bath facilities for all paddlers to shower and freshen up for what is shaping up to be the celebration of the summer! The After party begins at 4 p.m. Please feel free to use the facilities provided.

Below are the codes for the facilities.

Men:       TBD

Women: TBD


There will be free ground parking for anyone paddling or volunteering  at the paddle.  As you enter the Golden Nugget look directly to your right.  You will see a Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Banner.  Turn here.  There will be volunteers handing out parking passes as you enter the lot. Please put the pass in the front window of your vehicle.

Free parking is for the volunteers and paddlers only.

If you have family or friends attending the paddle finish or after party they will need to park in the Golden Nugget parking garage.


There are free boat slips available to all support boats and team boats for both Friday and Saturday night.  If you are interested in keeping your boat overnight please contact the marina dock master at 609-441-8431 to reserve a spot.

There will be numerous support boats on the water for all paddlers.  The support boats will have water, Bai energy drinks and Gatorade on board. All paddlers are welcome to grab a drink. The boats are instructed to keep you hydrated and safe. If at any time you feel like you need a break please hop on to one of the boats who have volunteered to assist.  You will know the support boats by the DRCF flags 

There will also be several wave runners on the ocean keeping track of paddlers and going between the boats and you.  The operators will have bright yellow rash guards on.  We will have two EMT’s on the water, one on a waverunner and one on a boat. Longport beach patrol will have a jet ski in the inlet at the Longport side. We will also be monitored by two US Coast Guard vessels and the State Police will be in the back Bay. 

For more infomation about volunteering to be a support boat, click here.

Sign up to volunteer here