More than 150 surfers join the 15th annual Surf for a Cause

More than 150 people celebrated a day of surfing and helped raise more than $24,000 to benefit people with cancer at the 15th annual Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Surf for a Cause.

“Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the 15th annual Surf for a Cause Saturday, Sept. 12. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not fully cooperate and we had to make the call to stop the event in order to insure the safety of everyone in attendance. Nonetheless, overall, the event was still a great success,” said foundation President Paul Giunta of Somers Point.

The Matthews family of Egg Harbor Township: Bob, Deb, Bobby, Shane and Kirra, were honored for their dedication to the foundation at the after party at Ventura’s Greenhouse. Bob and Deb accepted a plaque on behalf of their family as thanks for their service in helping people with cancer in the region.

As trustees, Bob and Deb Matthews were instrumental in assisting the cancer foundation soon after it began in 2001. Deb would go on to serve as treasurer of the board for five years and their children were a consistent presence on the beach and after parties as volunteers. As the owners of Copiers Plus and friends of Dean Randazzo, they even donated a copier to be used during the first Surf for a Cause and continue to offer their printing services to the foundation to this day.

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Groms 11 years and younger

  1. Ethan Dunn
  2. Nate Scarborough
  3. Cory Levy
  4. Andrew Allegretto
  5. Justin Gooden
  6. Matthew Beckett

Gromettes 12 years and younger

  1. Ella Becket
  2. Zoe Bourgeois
  3. Julianno Duff
  4. Fiona Defilppis
  5. Marina Zappone
  6. Callie Duff

Boys 12-14 years old

  1. Kyle Tester
  2. Bobby Beckett
  3. Steven Zakroff
  4. Sammy Oliva
  5. Matthew Rossetti
  6. John Lenoir

Girls 13-15

  1. Brynn Bowman
  2. Ariana Dinofa
  3. Jordan Siok
  4. Charity Zappone
  5. Ali Hendricks
  6. Aspen Lawler

Junior Men 15-17 years old

  1. Greg Osborne
  2. Tighe Reed
  3. Matt McCully
  4. Jack Hendee
  5. Patrick Taylor
  6. Kyle Tester

Grandmaster 35-44 years old

  1. AJ Dephilippis
  2. Joe Hemphill
  3. Chris Keiluhn
  4. Brian Macarthy
  5. Joe Hemphill
  6. Michael Schock


  1. Sean Duffey
  2. Chris May
  3. Nick Rutkowski
  4. AJ Defilippis
  5. John Depersenaire
  6. Nicholas Giunta



  1. Bob Matthews
  2. Chris Baylinson
  3. Chris Oliva
  4. Joe Keenan
  5. Paul Pallitto
  6. Steven Lambursta
  7. Tim O’Brien

Stand-up Paddleboard

  1. Eric Ransome
  2. Jason Cole
  3. Ken Liss
  4. Mark Neustadter
  5. Mitch Lefleur
  6. Sean Duffey

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